Cascade Effect Change Log

0.6.0 alpha / Feb. 2018 "Platonic"

Major style tree refactor, merging aux and arcane styles into a single concept. Merged all extension styles into Willpower's Persistence and Extropy, merged healing and tech into Int and Cha style classes. Codified induced cascade events. Replaced zone of denial with deft combat, and built reaction attacks into everyone when they're over endurance. Consolidated traverse.

0.5.20 alpha / Mar. 2017 "Context"

Added Chromatoception. Added classified section to rulebook. Updated frontloaded settting. Updated backend setting. Many bugfixes and app updates.

0.5.14 alpha / Jan. 2016 "Elan"

Added style for Charisma based Entanglement scores. Increased clarity of many rules, actions and styles. Improved inter-chapter rule agreement. Tool assisted editing of rulebook.

0.5.13 alpha / Nov. 2015 "Whirlwind"

Revamped Finesse and Perception style classes and wired new actions based on these changes. Implemented Yau combat rules. Improved die roll result styling. Added roll etymology text to most relevant tapholds. Improved taphold animations and layouts and view height monitoring. Added enstylization matrix nonograms to character list.

0.5.12 alpha / Oct. 2015 "Priority"

Revamped Wits style including deprecating Diagnose Locality and adding new initiative manipulating style Priority. Added Priority Initiative button to activate it. Added enstylization quotient nonograms to character list. Added inline mini descriptions to automated action buttons.

0.5.11 alpha / Sept. 2015 "burger-habit.svg"

Added new visual options: paper theme, slate theme, and semiskewed view. Removed all modal windows(except export), and replaced them with slidedown views. Fixed many issues with automated attack actions and tapholds.

0.5.09 alpha / Sept. 2015 "Blueprint"

Added requirement diagrams to all style descriptions. Buffed and automated intelligence arcana attacks. Renamed and buff charisma arcana, including brand new Pneumaplegia styles.

0.5.08 alpha / Aug. 2015 "Actionable"

Added unarmed damage soaking. Added automated special actions attached to attacks. Added dual wielding attacks. Added icons throughout main views and a setting to disable them. Fixed firefox event propagation bug.

0.5.07 alpha / July 2015 "Explosive"

Changed auxiliary customization method to use styled inline unmodal. Set up auxiliary filtering to only show styles that the character meets the prereqs for. Removed Extension Styles and added extension functionality to previous Unlock Arcana styles. Implemented explosive weapons and clarified range/radius and hex/square rules.

0.5.06 alpha / June 2015 "Critical"

Changed location adjustment rules from the "Location Reset" model to the "Count To" model. Fixed importing modal button issues and character import validation issues.

0.5.05 alpha / May 2015 "Annotated"

Added enstylization quotient display to top of styles view. Added shield monitor to status view. Fixed evocation roll bug. Consolidated weapon mods and traits and created explosive, ballistics, melee, and general weapon traits. Wired weapon traits to attacks displays.

0.5.04 alpha / May 2015 "Nonogram"

Added keyword support to attacks attribute nonograms to creation process. Added dot display to artifacts. Updated evocation cosmetic description and grappling escape action.

0.5.03 alpha / Apr. 2015 "Chronometric"

Reduced speed costs on most weapons, changed athletics to provide half bonus to speed and endurance. Added support for browser back button.

0.5.02 alpha / Apr. 2015 "Verbose"

Added information modals for taphold on all character sheet elements. Replaced artifact, weapon, and armor editing modals with inline editors to support info modals on editor elements.

0.5.01 alpha / Mar. 2015 "Base 9"

Labeled attribute penalty points and zero dice roll penalties. Added encoding/decoding to support custom skill names with weird characters. Fixed bugs with listing arcane styles.

0.5 alpha / Feb. 2015 "Alpha 1"

Core app features are complete and entering beta alpha! Added and implemented zero roll and minimum speed rules. / Feb. 2015 "shield( )"

Implemented armor penalties, armor artifacts, and and wired attributes to armor augment artifacts. Characters deprecated. / Feb. 2015 "fire( )"

Implemented ammo tracking and weapon artifacts. / Feb. 2015 "list( )"

Implemented editing and saving casts and components. Characters deprecated. / Feb. 2015 "Branched"

Moved Restoration and Technology to auxiliary styles. Implemented and wired aux styles and skill upgrading. Another round of attribute balancing. Added rudimentary artifacts view. Added basic wiring between specialty styles and related rolls. Characters deprecated. / Jan. 2015 "Big Spender"

Added style view and implemented listing current style values. Allowed earning styles and spending them on core, specialty, and arcane (aux and extensions still TO DO) styles. Wired core styles to attribute values. Added notes fields for each view. Characters deprecated. / Jan. 2015 "Genesis"

Character creation has been styled and creation rules have been integrated into the flow. Settings screen for coloring and skewing added. Basic help on first run and first character view added. / Jan. 2015 "Recursive"

Exporting, importing, validating imports, and deleting characters added. Linked to paper character sheets. Updated hidden etymology info. / Dec. 2014 "Addenda"

Character sheet now allows saving and editing armor. Character prototype updated to include style information. / Nov. 2014 "Derivative"

Character sheet now loads entanglement/speed/endurance/wound status on render. Previously created characters are deprecated. / Nov. 2014 "Upgrades"

Added color styling and updated character object to support saving status. Allowed editing of existing attacks. Previously created characters are deprecated. / Oct. 2014 "Metastasis"

Added 12 degree skew test styling to app. Created AUX styles, documentation for them is needed! Renamed crisis/entanglement, regen/endurance. / Sept. 2014 "Indexed"

Created new colorized character sheets. Allowed creating and deleting of attacks. / Aug. 2014 "Checkup"

Created Status view and allowed wounding, healing, and endurance tracking. / Summer 2014 "Patent Pending"

Created combat view. / Summer 2014 "Functional Prototype"

Allowed character creation and saving. / Summer 2014 "Conceptual Prototype"

Created rolling and skill view prototype.

Pre-App Versions